Is it OK Not to Love Your Job?

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If you DON’T love your job. Is that a bad thing? Perhaps it is OK not to love your job. There is so much focus on following your passion and purpose that I believe that many of us have forgotten that people work to earn money in order to pay their bills. Of course it’s […]

What Really Makes You Happy At Work?

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How to be Happy at Work Do you leap out of bed in the mornings looking forward to another day to make a positive contribution to your company? Or do you drag yourself out of bed groaning and dreading the thought of another day at the ‘fun factory’? I receive many calls from professionals in […]

COLLECTIVE HUB: Workplace Values

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BUSINESS, SOCIETY JANUARY 31, 2017 SHOULD YOU WORK FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS DIFFERENT VALUES? BRIDGET DE MAINE Are you moving in the same direction as your company? The Collective Hub article:  A brand-new job is up for grabs: how do you decide whether it’s the right move for you? There’s an in-office gym, monthly meetings where […]