The Difference Between a Resumé and a CV

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Do you know the difference between a resumé and a CV? Most people think that Resumés and CV’s are one and the same.  However there is a big difference between the two! Over the past 20 years as a career coach and recruiter, I’ve reviewed thousands of resumés and too many job seekers submit a […]


Your Career with Jane Jackson, Resume Basics

Whether you are working with recruiters, making applications for advertised roles online, making a direct approach to companies you are targeting or networking, you need a resume. You may need a soft copy of your resume for emailed applications, a copy to attach to an internet application through a job search portal, a hard copy […]

Why Doesn’t My Resume Get Me an Interview?

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Power Up Your Resume! You’re looking for a new job and you’ve sent your resume in response to numerous advertised roles and … nothing!  If that sounds familiar then read on!  Is there really a résumé Black Hole? What happens to your résumé once you click on the ‘Apply’ button?     On average, every […]