5 Steps to Raise Your Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence (EQ) matters just as much as intellectual ability (IQ) when it comes to personal and professional relationships and leadership capabilities. A high level of emotional intelligence helps you to build stronger relationships, be a better leader, create success at work, and achieve your career and personal goals. What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence […]

ABC Life: How and When to Say No at Work

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Your inbox is piling up, your schedule is packed, and the boss asks if you can get an extra project finished by the end of the day. Your inner voice might be screaming “hell no!” But your instinct is to say “sure thing”. You’re not alone — particularly if you’re a woman. My interview with […]

67 Get a Job – Resumes & Communications

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So many listeners ask me about specifics regarding the job search or career transition process so I’ve recorded the next 7 podcast episodes just for you! From Episode 65 through to Episode 71 I’ll discuss each of the essential steps to take control of your career or your job hunt. Each episode will cover one […]

Radio Interview: Communication Styles

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https://soundcloud.com/janejacksoncoach/steveo-show-interview-jane-jackson-coach-communication-styles Are you an Intuitor, a Thinker, a Feeler or a Senser?  Everyone has his or her own communication style.  If yours is very different from the person you are communicating with, misunderstandings can occur.  Learn the 4 communication styles, how to identify your own style and those of others and how to adapt your […]

How to Network and Create Serendipity in your Career

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When it comes to networking, some people believe serendipity is luck, or chance or accidental.  I believe, when it happens, it is meant to happen at that moment, right where you are.  And, there are times when you can create your own Serendipity … by ensuring you’re in a situation where it may occur.   […]

Develop Understanding Across Cultures

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Globalisation – what does it really mean to us in our daily lives?  To me, it means that the world is flat.  It means the opening of international markets for the trade of goods, services, and operations and the export of jobs and cross-border transactions. The ease of air travel and the interest to explore […]

Tell Me About Yourself

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“Tell Me About Yourself” One common opening question in an interview is usually the one that most people find extremely difficult. It’s question that puts them on the spot. It’s a question that gives them the stage and, if they are well prepared, provides an opportunity to create a strong, and lasting, first impression. Ask […]

Networking or Serendipity?

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Some people believe Serendipity is luck, or chance or accidental. I don’t. When it happens, it is meant to happen at that moment, right where you are. However, there are times when Networking that you can create your own Serendipity … or at least create a likely situation where it may occur!   Let’s be […]