Oscar Trimboli – what they say:

“If you want to do an event that has people more curious, more empathetic, more attuned to the deeper messages and not just rushing from superficial quick tips but really asking the deep questions, bring Oscar into the mix.” 

~ Dr. Jason Fox 

 “Oscar gave us the ammunition of deep listening to take back into the workplace. Oscar provides inspiration, clarity and definitely an element of difference.”  

~ Debbie Ireland, Managing Director, ShareThePoint Ltd. 

“Oscar was thoroughly entertaining and engaging. We were engrossed and left feeling illuminated with a whole new level of awareness for us and our customers.”  

~ Eileen Puse, Qualtrics Asia Pacific & Japan 

Where to find Oscar:


To build your confidence to take control of your career and your life regardless of the transitions you may be experiencing, the How to Build Confidence online program will enable you to manage stress, be calm and truly listen to your inner voice.

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