Meditation for your mental and physical health

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Meditation has been found to provide positive mental and physical health benefits and improves all aspects of your life.

Studies have shown that meditation assists in the following ways:

After an 8-week course in mindfulness meditation, the amygdala, associated with fear and emotion, shrinks, while the pre-frontal cortex, associated with awareness, concentration, and decision-making, becomes thicker.

A study of older adults showed that a mindfulness-based stress reduction program, consisting of things such as daily meditation, reduces feelings of loneliness, as well as pro-inflammatory gene expression.

Researchers showed that generating positive emotions directed towards yourself and others through contemplative meditation can improve both your emotional as well as your physical health

Meditation is potentially one of the most powerful ways to stall the onset of and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

I’ve created a number of meditations for you to enjoy — follow the links for a few moments of peace and empowerment.

Frontiers in Psychology Research

There is ample evidence for the beneficial effects of meditation for a number of cognitive domains, including attention, memory, verbal fluency, executive function, processing speed, overall cognitive flexibility as well as conflict monitoring and even creativity (Lutz et al., 20082009Colzato et al., 2012Gard et al., 2014Lippelt et al., 2014Marciniak et al., 2014Newberg et al., 2014).

This wealth of cognitive studies does not only further support the idea that the human brain (and mind) is plastic throughout life but also lead to a number of relevant concepts and theories, such as that meditation is associated with an increasing control over the distribution of limited brain resources (Slagter et al., 2007) as well as with process-specific learning, rather than purely stimulus- or task-specific learning (Slagter et al., 2011). 

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