We all love good days.  During good days it’s easy to feel gratitude for all we have.  It’s easy to count our blessings during happy times.  It’s easy to smile.
What about during our bad days?  When that dark cloud looms over us, when there is nowhere to hide, nowhere or no one to run to, gratitude is the last thing on our mind.  All we feel is fear, disappointment, anger, anxiety or sadness, loneliness, despondence.  Where is the blessing during those times?

buddha, elephant, blessings

Buddha in all his wisdom knew there is always a blessing in every experience.  As he said, “The goal is to find it.”
During those dark days, what would the blessing be?  I believe the blessing would be a lesson to be learned.  Whether it is tolerance, patience, perseverance, persistence, good humour, determination, knowing when to quit, knowing when to keep going, to look outside of ourselves to help others, all these lessons benefit us as human beings.  We develop resilience, we learn to love, we may discover the strength of community spirit, the possibilities are endless.  Endless possibilities are a blessing.  Every experience holds a blessing.

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