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5 Tips to Land a Job After Being Let Go

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Job searches are always hard, but going through them after being let go can make them even harder. Not only is your morale low, but there is a sense of pressure to quickly find a job as to not feel the impact of lost wages. It takes an organization an average of about fifty-two days […]

What Really Makes You Happy At Work?

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How to be Happy at Work Do you leap out of bed in the mornings looking forward to another day to make a positive contribution to your company? Or do you drag yourself out of bed groaning and dreading the thought of another day at the ‘fun factory’? I receive many calls from professionals in […]

Career Confidence – The OutPerformer Interview

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The OutPerformer interview on how stress affects your job search. An interview with Brad Eisenhuth, CEO of The Outperformer, on how job seekers can build career confidence and manage stress when facing redundancy, or during times of change. Click the link below to watch the interview (3-minute video).   It can feel daunting when looking for […]

Find the Career Coach Who’s Right For You

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How to find the Career Coach Who’s Right For You – I am honored to share this excellent article written by Dorie Clark, marketing strategist and professional speaker and lecturer at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She is the author of Reinventing You and Stand Out. Read the original article in  When you’re in the […]

Top Graduate Employers in Australia

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When researching the top employers in Australia to target, sometimes we can feel at a loss – here are the Top Graduate Employers in Australia 2017 for you to consider. The important thing to do when deciding on your next career step is to conduct research about the companies that interest you, the industry trends, […]

Want to Start a Business? Read This First

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You’ve decided to bite the bullet and start a business. Starting your own business for the first time is an exciting time. Before you do anything, to be sure this is the right thing for you, please read my top tips to consider before launching into the breathtaking, thrilling and fascinating world of entrepreneurship. Why […]

Toxic Colleagues and Office Bullies

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Toxic Colleagues & Office Bullies: NOT TO BE TOLERATED!   You do the right thing, you care about others, you work hard, and you think before you speak, you were brought up well. However, there are those who insidiously weave their way into your life … the toxic colleagues or office bullies. They turn up […]

These Employers Want Women Who Are Out of Work!

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A great initiative for women who have been out of work for 5-10 years and are struggling to re-enter the workforce at the same level.  Original article in by Georgina Dent @georgiedent “SAP’s Back to Work program, an initiative supporting professional women looking to re-enter the workforce after a career break by offering project-based assignments […]

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