Does your adult child still live at home? Is this happily your choice or are they struggling to land a job that would enable them to afford their independence?

Empty nest, full nest, help children get a job and move out

According to the latest Household, Income, and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey, just over half of young men (54 percent) and 47 percent of young women aged 18 to 29 years old are still living under the same roof as their parents.

This trend signifies a shift in the traditional steps toward adulthood, with many young adults spending more time in the parental home.

The Impact of a ‘Full Nest’ on Family Dynamics

For some parents, it is a joy to have their children live with them indefinitely. However, for baby boomers looking forward to a relaxed retirement, it can place a strain on home life.

In the article, “More Adult Australian Children Are Living With Their Parents Longer,” [University of Melbourne, Pursuit], Lyn Craig, Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, says, “Compared to young adults living alone or in a share house, those living with parents are much less likely to do the same amount of domestic labour. This living arrangement doesn’t turn into a flatmate situation, it typically creates more housework for Mum.”

Factors Preventing Young Adults from Gaining Independence

Several factors are preventing young Australians from gaining their first foothold on the property ladder and achieving financial independence.

Professor Roger Wilkins, Deputy Director of the Melbourne Institute, Applied Economic & Social Research, explains that “the seismic shift in the nature of Australian households that began in the early 2000s is continuing.” and “the social and economic forces that have driven an increase in the number of young adults living with their parents are still present.

Key factors include:

Financial Constraints and Their Impact on Independence

Financial constraints play a significant role in whether an adult child can move out and live an independent life.

Many parents feel at a loss as to how to help their offspring to land a job that will enable them to gain financial independence.

Government Support for Young Job Seekers

The Australian Government has stepped in to offer support through the JOB JUMPSTART website, which helps young people aged 15 to 25 to land jobs that can set them on the path toward financial independence.

This resource provides information and guides to support young adults in their job search and help build their employability skills.

Although the site is NOT a jobs board and it can’t find a job for job seekers, it can help job seekers take charge of their own job search to reach their employment goals.

If you are ready for your son or daughter to take control of their career, direct them to Job Jumpstart resources and encourage them to be proactive in their job search.

Personalised Career Support Options

Additionally, bespoke guided support through career coaching provides clarity and confidence.

Book an exploratory chat at to find out how tailored one-on-one career coaching can set them in the right direction and fast track their job search.

Explore the Career Success Program, which offers affordable online career and job search support and within the program I personally provide fortnightly live Zoom group coaching sessions to answer any job search questions and concerns.

The Career Success Program suits those who are self-directed and would benefit from regular accountability support to stay on track.

Planning for the Future

Once a young adult lands a job that enables them to plan for their future, parents may wonder if they are ready for their children to leave home. For some parents, accommodating adult children at home is a happy arrangement.

If the bank of mum-and-dad can’t stretch to providing a loan or deposit for a first home, then subsidising adult children to live at home while they establish themselves could be the best choice.

Share Your Experience

What are your thoughts? What’s your experience as a parent of adult children? Have you found a workable solution that enables happy and harmonious family times while your adult children work towards their financial independence? Share your experience and strategies in the comments.



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