Are You Too Old To Be Hired?

Are you too old to be hired?

Are you too old to be hired? Do you ever wonder if you’re too old to land another job?  Or that your age is a barrier to what you really want to do? Now, those of you who already know me will know I get on my high horse about ageism in the workplace and […]

Your Career in the Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit, Your Career in the year of the Rabbit

Is The Year of the Rabbit Good For Your Career? When this time of year comes around, as I am Eurasian and grew up in Hong Kong, my family and I celebrate the Lunar New Year. It’s interesting to see what Chinese astrologers say about the new year. Let’s find out what is predicted for […]

How to Land a Job You’ll LOVE in 2023


2022 seemed to go by in a flash! Now is the time to evaluate your career and set your goals for the new year. Is a new job on your list? Here’s how you can land a job you’ll love in 2023.  In 2020 and 2021, many people held on to their jobs and opted […]

How to Wisely Manage Your Finances After a Job Layoff

how to manage finances after job loss

Being laid off can be difficult, both emotionally and financially. It is important to manage your finances wisely during this time of transition in order to make sure you are making the most out of your new situation. Here are tips on how to effectively manage your finances after a job layoff. Create a Budget […]

How to Reverse Engineer Your Career

reverse engineer your career, career coaching

How To Reverse Engineer Your Career for Future Success To create the career you’ll love and reach career success faster, reverse engineer your career. If you’ve ever felt unsure about what you need to be successful in your career it’s probably because you don’t really know which path you want your career to follow, and […]

Great Books for Your Career

career books, career, authors, inspiration

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” J.K. Rowling   Have you ever looked for just the right book to give you advice, guidance, instruction or a step-by-step process to achieve what you desire and felt overwhelmed with the choices? If you feel a little lost in your […]

7 Biggest Myths About Career Management

Career management myths

Do you know the myths about career management? There are many myths about how to manage your career, and in this article I’ll cover seven of the biggest myths about career management. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to career progression.  There are different ways to approach your career development and advancement – […]

The Difference Between a Resumé and a CV

difference between resume and cv, resume, CV, resume writing, job application, online applications, career change, job seeking

Do you know the difference between a resumé and a CV? Most people think that Resumés and CV’s are one and the same.  However there is a big difference between the two! Over the past 20 years as a career coach and recruiter, I’ve reviewed thousands of resumés and too many job seekers submit a […]

Are We Raising a Generation of Selfish Wimps? Baby Boomers vs Gen Y

baby boomers vs gen y, older workers, workplace relations, leadership, self leadership, career coach, Jane Jackson, sydney career coach, top career coach, career coaching, careers, career consultant,

“We have reared a generation of selfish wimps!”   This huge debate is raging on social media after a business guru said that ‘old-style Boomer managers’ are causing younger staff to leave their jobs. But is it true to say there is a Baby Boomers vs Gen Y Millennials great divide? I’ve been listening to […]

How to Navigate Your Career

Navigate Your Career, career clarity, careers, career coaching, Jane Jackson, career coach

How do you Navigate Your Career? In today’s changing employment landscape, it’s a challenge to ensure career growth, job satisfaction and engagement at work. How do you choose the right direction and navigate your career successfully? According to HRD, Australian employees are considering moving on from their current roles due to a renewed focus on personal […]