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Years ago, Zack Ballinger, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Career Coach was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and was told he would never hear again. He simply was told to go and sign up for disability payments, as he’d probably not be able to work again.

Not one to accept adversity, through sheer determination Zachariah fought this disease, and even though he is still deaf in one ear, he now motivates his audiences to live life to the fullest and pursue their passion.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia in the US, Zack speaks nationally at colleges, corporations, and non-profit organizations and is a mentor to homeless teens at The Covenant House, giving them hope and inspiration to take control of their lives and take control of their lives.

As founder and CEO of a career agency and training company that provides job interview tips, connects professionals and serves a resource to all who need it, Zack’s career expertise helps individuals to ace their job interview, find work they love and discover life’s passion.

His book, The Hot Seat:  How to Meet the Challenge of a New Era in Job Interviewing is a comprehensive guide to mastering the job interview process so you can take control of your career!

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Enjoy this conversation with Zack Ballinger as he explains how he overcame major challenges to become a successful sales professional, amazing motivational speaker, author and advocate to help teens create a career for themselves.

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Instagram: @zachariahballinger 

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