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Geoff loves helping his clients tell their stories through video and he shares his own fascinating career journey with Jane Jackson in this podcast interview.

Since 1993 he has owned and operated Sonic Sight, a video production facility in Sydney Australia and has worked for clients on productions throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US.

Geoff is a video producer, camera man, editor, director and scriptwriter.

He has a degree in Science majoring in Biochemistry and Pure Mathematics. After gaining this qualification, Geoff asked himself what was he doing with his life.

Realising he needed to flee from the science lab, he headed overseas and spent two winters skiing in France and the summer in between working in Corsica.

During this time he was paid to waterski, windsurf, sail, scuba dive, pour beers, drink beers, drive around Corsica, grow watermelons and occasionally electrocute himself. (Listen to our interview to find out why!)

Geoff also managed to squeeze in a few years as a public servant working in the Department of Social Services and with the State Bank as a Commercial Loans Officer.

Geoff has the uncanny knack of turning everything he does into a positive learning experience and all that he has done has prepared him well for entrepreneurship.

Geoff believes that a career evolves over time and that not everyone has a true ‘passion’ but that a career can evolve by keeping an open mind and trying different paths.

In his experience this has served him well and it has created a life and career that is ever changing and very satisfying.

Geoff is the author of “Shoot Me Now – making videos to boost business”, a prolific blogger on video, a regular contributor to Leaders in Heels. He presents on the topic of using video to boost business.

When not working, Geoff can be found on the ski slopes or dressing up as a Pirate – sometimes both at the same time.

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