169 Victoria Rose #GoLiveWithVictoria

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Victoria Rose #GoLiveWithVictoria

  ANNOUNCEMENT: YOUR CAREER PODCAST is in the lineup for the Australian Podcast Awards!  If you enjoy this podcast, please SUPPORT US to reach everyone who needs career support by voting for YOUR CAREER Podcast in the Public Vote Category BEFORE 14th February 2019! CLICK HERE and register, then search for YOUR CAREER and click vote! […]

35 Geoff Anderson – Sonic Sight

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Geoff Anderson – Sonic Sight

Geoff loves helping his clients tell their stories through video and he shares his own fascinating career journey with Jane Jackson in this podcast interview. Since 1993 he has owned and operated Sonic Sight, a video production facility in Sydney Australia and has worked for clients on productions throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the […]