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In addition to running AgentMail and CRM2Print, Carl Quested is the author of Alpha Mail – How To List and Sell More Property Using Direct Mail, which dives deep into the world of direct mail from a real estate perspective. A book is for any agent that wants to make better connections with their prospects, improve their ROI on campaigns, or just find a better method of getting to talk to their audience.

Having started his first business with $2,000 in his spare room, he now employs over 10 staff across his businesses, 6 and 7-figure businesses, and is a regular presenter around Australia on the subject of marketing.

Listen to his fascinating career journey from a career in commercial insurance with Lloyds of London to how he made his enterprising transition into entrepreneurship.

Carl has experienced a number of transitions including 3 redundancies and he successfully revinvented his career a number of times. From telemarketing at the age of 17 through to becoming a team leader within a telecommunications company at 18 to a number of senior sales and customer service positions, he found that he enjoys the process of running businesses – regardless of industry sector. Over the years he’s has become an expert in marketing services for the Real Estate industry with his business Agent Mail – ask him any question about how estate agents can reach his target market and he’s got a solution for each challenge!

He also ran BrandStrong, a value packed subscription graphic design service, and was a godsend to small business owners who need flexibility when it came to their design needs. As a serial entrepreneur, Carl is a man to watch!

Carl’s top tips for entrepreneurial success:

  1. Have fun – without the fun value then it’s just ‘work’
  2. Surround yourself with a great team
  3. Customer care is essential at all times


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