When coaching my career transition clients, when they find out I am a qualified Image Consultant I’m usually asked, “How can I improve my Professional Image?  What should I wear that will suit my body shape and be appropriate in a professional environment?”  Well, ladies, here’s the solution!

My Professional Stylist will teach you how to shop like a stylist and combine clothes in your closet into outfits that will have you feeling confident and professional every day. It will be like having your very own on-call personal stylist at a price you can afford.

Never again feel embarrassed by not having the right clothes for an occasion or garments that don’t suit you.

Every woman is unique, and once you learn how to select the styles that best suit your figure, age and tastes, you’ll look and feel fabulous no matter the occasion.

So what are you waiting for?

At only AUD89.00, today is the perfect time to start your journey towards a great new image with My Professional Stylist.  Click here to start your journey …

Style Success – My Professional Stylist Online

For more information email me at:  jane@janejacksoncoach.com

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