Are you wondering how to get motivated about your career?  Are you feeling a little ‘ho-hum’ about things?
Were you enthusiastic in the past but now you just can’t get motivated to take action to reach your goals?   If you haven’t set any goals and each day seems much the same as the next, you may be wondering ‘Is this all there is?

Some people are always upbeat and positive about their lives. How do they do it?

We all know that enthusiasm is all well and good, however something sometimes slips, becomes displaced and those old procrastination demons get you.  Something else seems to take your focus – something that has nothing to do with what you really want for yourself.   Then you feel guilty for not following through.  You tell yourself you didn’t really want it anyway.  Deep down you are disappointed with yourself.  Almost embarrassed to admit that you didn’t follow through after all.

I was asked by a reader to write a post about motivation.  I felt excited at the suggestion and the ideas started forming in my mind.  Before they vanished into the ether I grabbed a pen and started writing my stream of thoughts on the subject.  As a coach it felt quite natural.  Then I got distracted oh, you know how it is … and ended up working on something else.  What happened?  I started down that procrastination path and caught myself.  Do I want this post written?   Then I’d better get on with it!  NOW.

If you want something it has to be a reality in your mind.  See it.   Live it.  Breathe it.  Hear it.  Taste it.  Smell it.  How will things be for you when you reach your goal?  How will it feel for you?  What will you be saying?  Who will be around you?  What will they be saying?  Make it real for you.
Get excited about it!
Now, what needs to be done to reach this goal?  I’m not talking big picture stuff here.  I’m talking small steps.  Little realistic baby steps that will inch you closer to your goal.  Steps that you can start to take right now.  And tomorrow.  And the next day.   Petite steps that are amazingly achievable so that you can celebrate each success.
There’ll be plenty to celebrate as you enjoy the journey towards your goal.
OK, let’s get specific.  What DO you want?  Happiness? Fulfillment? Wealth?  Love?  Health?  Recognition?  Sporting prowess?  Career Success?  That all sounds great however:
You see what I mean?  What is it that you REALLY want?  Think about it and write it down – and then write down EXACTLY what you hope to gain from reaching that goal.  That way you will be able to conjure the specifics in your mind’s eye and start to live it ‘as if’ it is already yours.

Here’s another thought … do you truly believe you deserve it?  Do you?  Without reservation?
If those questions made you a little uncomfortable then face them directly.  What’s the real issue here that is holding you back from taking those steps to reach that dream or desire?  Have a look at  my What’s Holding You Back? post.
For now let’s say that you truly believe that, “YES!  I deserve it!”
Let’s not concern ourselves about HOW you will do it, just for now.  KNOW that it will happen.  If you know it, you will do it.   Again and again, see it, live it, breathe it, hear it, taste it, smell it.   Know how things will be when you reach it.  Embrace the feel of it for you.  Hear what you will be saying, who will be around you and what they will be saying.  Make it real.
Give yourself a day or two to let it sink in that all this is going to happen.

Just focus on knowing it will happen.

The HOW will come to you.  Trust me.  You deserve it.

Please, tell me about it – success is to be shared!

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