Returning to Work After Retirement

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What if we had to return to work after we retired? I had a chat with Matthew Tukaki on radio 2UE Talking Lifestyle, Second Career about the aging workforce.  What if they need to return to the workforce for financial reasons?  We discussed what retirees can do when they realise that funds are running low because […]

2UE TALKING LIFESTYLE: Planning for Work After Retirement

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I was interviewed on Radio 2UE Talking Lifestyle, Second Career, by Matthew Tukaki, talking about what retirees can do if they have to return to the workforce. Was the former federal treasurer, Peter Costello, right? Will we have to ‘work until we drop’? Listen to the options I discuss on 2UE.  

45 and Over The Hill?

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According to studies since 2012, Australians over 45, who are considered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as “mature aged workers”, contribute $65 billion to the economy annually. So, with the mature age workforce such a benefit to the economy, why is there this perception that there is ageism in the workplace? According to an […]