What if we had to return to work after we retired?

I had a chat with Matthew Tukaki on radio 2UE Talking Lifestyle, Second Career about the aging workforce.  What if they need to return to the workforce for financial reasons?  We discussed what retirees can do when they realise that funds are running low because they don’t have enough in superannuation to see them through their twilight years.

Of course leveraging their skills to find employment in the world of work will be the obvious solution, but what about the fears of age discrimination in the workplace let alone getting over the hurdle of securing an interview and that dreaded ‘age’ question? And on top of that, what if there aren’t a lot of work opportunities available where they live? What else can they do?

Here are my suggestions on what can be done for extra income if finding a permanent full-time job is just too hard.

The former federal treasurer, Peter Costello, has been warning us about for more than two decades that we’ll have to work until we drop.

While he doesn’t look it or feel it, Charles Wooley, a reporter on 60 MINUTES, is nudging 70. It’s led him to some serious introspection about his existence, and even more sombrely, contemplation of the “R” word. He still loves reporting for 60 MINUTES, and some may wonder if he should have retired at 65? Isn’t it time he kicked up his heels and enjoyed a life of leisure, golf, fishing or lawn bowls? According to a recent 60 MINUTES report, Wooley discovers, retirement is a word most Australians can no longer afford to dream about. The more likely reality, as Peter Costello – who is now Wooley’s boss at Channel Nine – said is “Work until we drop.”

Here’s the segment on 60 MINUTES. 

What are your thoughts? Type your comments below and let’s start a discussion on what we, as older Australians, can DO about it!


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  1. hi Jane
    I am a retired Bdm, appointment setter ,lead generator and a carer for my sister I am also a president of a over 70″s friendship group with a committee of wonderful women
    I need to get back into the workforce did enjoy doing and selling sponsorships packages as a volunteer. I am stuck what to do

    I thought of entering appoint setter jobs with Ai companies or quantum computer companies to sell the benefits to companies
    what are your thoughts

    1. Hi Aron – the first thing to do is to get clear on specifically what you enjoy doing and what you can do. As it sounds like you are re-entering the workforce after retiring, it is important to be able to highlight the solutions you are able to provide. Your voluntary experience in addition to your professional experience will demonstrate that you are able to sell however if you wish to target technology sales it will be important to get up to speed with the technology. And also be aware of the culture of the companies you target in addition to their DEI policies. Many job seekers express they experience ageism in the workplace however it does depend on your target audience and how you market yourself.

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