I am honoured to support a colleague and friend, Tony Wright and his team of intrepid climbers, in their challenge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in August to raise money for Amnesty International.   Here are details of the Kilimanjaro Challenge for Amnesty International.       
In August 2012, Tony Wright and his team will attempt to climb Mt Kilimanjaro (nearly 6000m) to raise $40,000 and awareness for the work of Amnesty International.  They expect to endure extremes of heat and cold, physical and mental exhaustion and risk altitude sickness.
So why…?
As a coach and career consultant, Tony Wright has spent his life encouraging others to set stretch goals. So here is his, a rugged challenge, which requires mental as well as physical stamina.  The discipline and perseverance needed will push him beyond his comfort zone and show him some of what he expects others to go through in their own ways.  With Emily, his stepdaughter, her partner Kambiz (ex refugee now Australian citizen) and family friend, Isabel, and with Susan, his wife, contributing her energy and drive, he will experience sustained supportive teamwork in training and climbing.  As a grandfather who has never been a father, he is keen to be part of a family team, raising $40,000 for Amnesty International focusing on two crucial issues for Australia today, refugees human rights and indigenous rights.  And, of course it will be an adventure! 
Follow his progress and support him on the team website www.teamkites.com.au which will provide details of events and opportunities to donate. 

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