You gaze at them lovingly when they are babies, keep them safe as they explore new and exciting experiences as children, guide them when they are angst filled teenagers and then miss them when they become young adults and leave home to explore their world.

Jes and Jo - bike

As parents all we hope for is that they are happy.  As a career coach I also wish for them passion in their careers.

I’m blessed to have two daughters who are happy, healthy and determined young women.  One is pursuing her fashion career in London, the other is an Account Manager at a Sydney PR and Events company.  Every day I smile at what they are achieving in their lives.  I’m having a ‘proud Mum’ moment so bear with me! 🙂  This interview in a fashion blog confirms that the girls are on the right track.  The moral of this mother’s musings?  Let your children find and follow their passion!







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