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I interviewed John about his career journey, podcasting, being The Entrepreneur on Fire and his zest for life one year ago. He has now published The Freedom Journal – an amazing journal that supports you to accomplish your goal in 100 days by following John’s SMART methodology.

The Freedom Journal has great ‘Thud’ value – a beautifully bound, high quality, black journal etched with gold leaf that makes you want to pick it up every day and write down your thoughts, goals and dreams over the course of 100 days.

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We talk about John’s incredible Kickstarter campaign for The Freedom Journal and how he raised over $443,000 in revenue in 33 days and how this campaign supports Pencils of Promise – a charity that focuses on building schools for children in developing countries. To date John has donated $75,000 of the money raised by The Freedom Journal to Pencils of Promise.

Find out how John manages to run his business so smoothly despite juggling the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, Quotes on Fire Podcast, the Free Podcast Course, the Free Webinar Course, Podcasters Paradise, The Freedom Journal initiative, his speaking engagements … as John says,

When you say YES to something, you’re saying NO to everything else you could be doing during that YES

Learn about his new passion project too – The Self Mastery Journal – to be launched in January 2017. We have such a great chat – listen in and enjoy!

To take control of your career, listen to How to Find a Job – Kickstart Your Career today!

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