Download: Morning Affirmations

For a boost of positivity and energy every day, whether you are looking for a job, want to focus on what is possible or simply want to take control of the way you spend each day, my Morning Affirmations will give you a positive start every morning!

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Repeat to yourself, out loud, the positive affirmations at least 3 times every morning at the start of your day for 21 days.

Feel the difference this will make to your attitude and expectations of each day.

Meditation: Positive Affirmations


Listen to this positive affirmations meditation for 10 minutes of peace and positivity.

It will leave you feeling empowered and loved. Simply click below and play.

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    1. I hope these affirmations help you – repeat them every day for 21 days and focus on each word. All the best for a good 2021 Shreyash

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