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The Importance of Self Care – The Laryngitis Episode

This is the first time since Your Career Podcast started back in 2015 that there has been more than 2 weeks’ break between episodes.  My last episode was released on 14th May and between then and now, I had 3 weeks holiday in the UK and, upon my return to Sydney, 6 weeks of laryngitis – I wasn’t able to utter a squeak. Total silence!

Now my voice is slowly returning, I have recorded an episode (forgive my throaty voice) on the importance of self care, what time off from work means for the self-employed and the importance of alternative income streams.  I talk about ‘SuperWoman’ syndrome and the setbacks when you go back to work before you are ready.

This is an important episode for all business owners who are working ‘IN’ their business rather than ‘ON’ their business.

What happens when, as a business owner, you take time off?  What happens when you are ill and not able to deliver your services? What alternative plan do you have in place to ensure that while you are practicing self care, your business is ‘business as usual’.

This is a lesson to us all.  My 6 weeks of ‘no voice’ has highlighted the importance of self care and the creation of multiple income streams.  Thank goodness I have a membership site and online products that keep my business ticking over.  What have you set in place as an on-going concern?

Sometimes a set-back is a wake up call to get serious and get moving in the right direction.

Please leave a comment as I’d love to hear what works well for you as a business owner or as a job seeker who is looking after their health first and foremost.

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