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I was recently approached by Hope Radio 103.2FM, Laura Bennet and Duncan Robinson for an interview on workplace values. We had a great conversation and I was impressed by both Laura’s and Duncan’s infectious energy and humour. When I discovered they both have enjoyed fascinating career paths before joining Hope Radio, I had to have them on my podcast to talk about their journeys! Laura and Duncan have taken such different paths in their careers before joining forces on Hope Breakfast. They share the key qualities and transferable skills required to be a success in broadcast journalism and how to be an engaging radio host. Enjoy their top tips for success!

What’s their radio show, Hope Breakfast, all about?

Breakfast with Laura and Duncan

From 6 am Hope 103.2 starts every weekday with a ‘healthy’ breakfast filled with upbeat family fun and loads of useful news and information. Covering everything from world affairs to crazy radio competitions, this is the breakfast show that promises to bring a positive start to every workday.

Laura Bennett:

Radio Presenter, writer, and film reviewer, Laura co-hosts Breakfast on Hope 103.2FM in Sydney 6 am – 9 am weekdays. She has a Masters in Future Journalism, and self-published her bestselling book ‘Live Your Dream’. Laura’s writing can also be found on her blog The Connect Press.”

Duncan Robinson:

Duncan is Breakfast co-host on Hope 103.2FM. He’s a Pastor in Sydney Australia, at Northgate. Previously he spent 5 years planting in Phoenix Arizona. Married to Carly they have two children. He has authored two books ‘Unlikely Hero‘ and ‘Vanguard‘. Currently, lives in the Northern Beaches of Sydney and spends his spare time doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Where to find Laura & Duncan:


Instagram: @laura.bennett_

Website:  The Connect Press



Instagram: @pastor_duncan

Website:  Pastor Duncan



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