SMARP: Employee Personal Branding

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Smarp interview on the importance of employee personal branding recently. Click here to read original article    Experts advise companies to take an active role in employee development: helping employees build their personal brand can result in increased exposure and positive word of mouth, not to mention happier and more engaged employees. We asked four leadership and career […]

Why Your Employee Brand Trumps the Employer Brand

Jane Jackson, Smarp, personal branding, personal brand, employee engagement, career coach, sydney, australia

I’m a firm believer that your employee brand trumps the employer brand and recently came across an amazing app that enhances employee communication, advocacy, and engagement. As this app is trusted by companies including Deloitte, Unilever, and Dell, I reached out to the COO of Smarp, Mikael Lauharanta, and he has provided these valuable insights […]