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FM MAGAZINE: Surviving a Layoff

Jane Jackson, surviving a layoff, career coach, career change

Interview on surviving a layoff or redundancy in FM Magazine. Read the original article here No finance professional wants to experience the sudden loss of a position, but the reality of the modern business landscape is that sometimes layoffs happen. Being laid off can be a traumatic blow, but quick action can help mitigate the […]


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It was a pleasure to be invited as a featured panelist, and Career Coach Mentor, on the Follow Your Dreams Summit hosted by Alexandra Deubner and joined by 20 career coaching experts in January 2019. This Summit was held to help career professionals to find and follow their true passion and direction, overcome self-limiting beliefs […]

ELLE AUSTRALIA: Stressed for Success

elle, elle magazine, elle australia, Jane Jackson, career coach, career,

I was asked to provide insights for an article in Elle Australia (March 2019) on how to stop self sabotage in the workplace. The Fear of Failure has long dominated our career conversations, but what if, in reality, it’s the dread of success that’s bringing your goal-chasing to a halt? “When we deny the world […]

SKY NEWS BUSINESS: Remote Work and Career Progression

remote work, sky news, sky business news, jane jackson, career coach, australia, sky tv, Your Career, career coach

  Remote Work and Career Progression An interview with Carson Scott and Jane Jackson, Career Management Coach, on “Your Career.” Carson Scott, Sky News Business, and Jane Jackson, Career Management Coach, discuss the option of remote work.   The challenges that people face when it comes to career progression, career change, and making a tree change. […] Say This for a Pay Rise, jane jackson, career coach, sydney, australia, seek

Original article appeared on, Jane Jackson interviewed by journalist, Lindy Alexander Want a Pay Rise? Say This! Few things are as nerve-racking as asking for a pay rise. But with the right words, you can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when asking for more money. Once you’ve done all the prep work […] How to Prepare for the Pay Rise Conversation, jane jackson, career coach, sydney, australia, seek

Original article first appeared on   Lindy Alexander interviews Jane Jackson for this Seek article:  It’s never easy going to your manager and having a conversation about why you think you should get a pay rise. It can feel awkward and sometimes self-doubt around your own worth can creep in. “Employees who are hoping for […]

COLONIAL FIRST STATE: Be a Job Ready Graduate

colonial first state, graduate, employment, graduate employment, job ready graduate, job ready, jobs

  Original article first published in Colonial First State blog I was interviewed for this article written for graduates seeking job opportunities and share pointers for those who are struggling with gaining employment that matches their qualifications and skills.   It’s tough out there, but patience and lateral thinking can position you as a self-starter […]

METRO.CO.UK : What to consider before going freelance

METRO.CO.UK, Jane Jackson, freelance, freelancing

What to Consider Before Going Freelance I was interviewed by Layla Haidrani, writer for, in November 2017 for this article on what to do when thinking about going freelance. What to do if freelancing goes wrong according to leading Career Management Coach Jane Jackson. Pre-empt problems BEFORE they arise and set out your terms and […]

2UE TALKING LIFESTYLE : A New Career in the New Year

2UE, Talking Lifestyle Second Career, Talking Lifestyle, Matthew Tukaki, Jane Jackson, career coach, Sydney, Australia, New Zealand

Matthew Tukaki of 2UE Talking Lifestyle Second Career interviews Jane Jackson, Career Coach, about what you can do to prepare for career success in the new year. What do you need to consider and put into place BEFORE Christmas arrives in order to make 2018 a great year for your career?

Jane Jackson

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