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The Fear of Success

Is the fear of success holding you back from achieving what you deserve? 

Have you thought that what might be holding you back from achieving what you hope for is … the possibility, or even probability, of success?

How ridiculous“, you may think, “What would make me fear Success when Success is what I want?”

Specifically what does success mean to you?  More time freedom?  More money?  More recognition?  A promotion?  Once we get to the specifics of what success is to you, then we can consider what you will gain from achieving it and then, on the flip side, consider what you may LOSE by achieving the success you wish for.


Let’s have a look as what this may mean:

1.    Time Freedom

Time to do what?  More time to study, or relax or exercise or be with family or friends, to travel, to sleep?  That sounds fabulous doesn’t it?  The positives are easy.  What about the negatives?

In order to gain more time freedom you will have to give up something that is taking up your time now.   If you decide to work shorter hours then that may mean less income, if you decline that promotion that will give you more responsibility and status you may feel less fulfilled at work, if you give up a voluntary role you have held you may feel you will let down the group.

2.    Money

Money for what?  More money to pay for all those material things you dream for or more money to pay the bills?  Or perhaps you’d like more money so that you can provide for your family or extended family, or give to charity.  How much will be enough?  Earning more money sounds great, but, in order to gain more money you will have to work harder or smarter.  If you gain more money from working harder or longer then you will lose a certain amount of time freedom.

3.    More Recognition

Recognition that will give you what?  Recognition could give you personal satisfaction, perhaps status and maybe more money in the long run.  That’s sounding pretty good however, in order to gain recognition you will need to put time and effort into being the best you can be in your field of choice.  How will your family feel about this?  How would the level of recognition you gain affect your friendships?    Are you willing to give up some of your time freedom to achieve something that will affect those around you either positively or not quite as positively?

4.    A Promotion

So many of us dream of getting that promotion which will mean so many things to each of us – more money, more recognition, more freedom or something else?

Again, what will you give up if you got that promotion?  How would your partner feel if he/she did not achieve for himself/herself the level of success that you did?  Would it upset the status quo?

The Fear of Success

This may be holding you back from achieving your dreams.  What you may have to give up in order to get what you think you want.  The changes that not only you will experience but also those around you whom you care about.

What will help to guide you are your Personal Values.  Write down all the values that you hold dear.  Family, friendships, community spirit, money, status, recognition, freedom, knowledge, excitement, health, balance.  These are just a sample of important values to consider.  Then list, in order of priority to you, those Personal Values and analyse which ones are being met at this point in your life.

If you are able to meet all of your top 10 Personal Values, take a step back and consider what Success actually means to you.

What do you consider to be Success?

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