Take control of your career in ONE DAY

As a job seeker, or a mid-career professional seeking a career change, you will have questions about what you really want, how to develop a job search strategy that works, and need support in areas that are unique to you.

Having access to a top career coach is hugely beneficial to overcome challenges and take on any hurdles that stand in your way. 

Making a career change and looking for a job can be daunting. 

My clients tell me they need help to overcome their fears.

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Fear of the unknown

Transitioning to a new career path can feel daunting when you’re uncertain about what lies ahead and whether you’ll succeed in the new role.

Fear of failure

You may be concerned about not being able to meet expectations or how to excel in a new industry or role, you may feel inadequate and experience self-doubt.

Fear of financial instability

Changing careers often involves taking risks and potentially experiencing fluctuations in income which can be unsettling.

Fear of starting over

After investing time and effort into building a career in one field, the prospect of starting again in a different industry or role may feel overwhelming.

Fear of judgement

You may worry about how others will perceive your decision to change career and worry whether they will support or criticise your choices.

Jane Jackson, career coach at computer

Your 1-on-1 VIP Career Day will turn your challenges into opportunities. 

During our VIP Career Day I will guide you step-by-step to take control of your career

Together we will:

  • Manage the stress of change and career transition
  • Identify your true Career Anchor so you can make the right career choices
  • Gain clarity of purpose by identifying your values, motivators and transferrable skills
  • Choose the best resumé format for your desired direction
  • Create powerful accomplishment statements so you stand out from the competition
  • Write cover letters that attract attention and tell your story
  • Build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn to attract opportunities
  • Explore all the best job search strategies including how to work with recruiters and expanding your professional network
  • Prepare to relate your value and impress at job interviews
  • Discuss negotiation skills and how to onboard smoothly into your new role

How your 1-on-1 VIP Career Day works

This is a ONE-DAY bespoke approach covering all aspects of your job search and career direction.

Your VIP CAREER DAY provides you with a huge boost of confidence and an injection of strategic advice for career transition.

The day includes feedback, advice, and resources specific to your needs.  The session is conducted virtually via Zoom and may be recorded for your review if desired.  Includes:

  • 7-hours 1:1 time (online) from 9am-12pm & 1pm-5pm covering your specific needs
  • A tailored resumé and cover letter specific for your desired role
  • Email support for 1 week after the VIP Career Day
  • Recording of the day for future review and inspiration
  • Investment: A$2552 (includes GST)

Timing matters!

Jane’s VIP Career Days are held on Fridays (only 4x per month) and get booked out at peak periods. 

Don’t leave it until the last minute to get the help you need. 

If you’re after free advice, my articles, podcasts and YouTube videos are a good way to begin.

Jane Jackson, career coach