LinkedIn and top Career Articles

Over the past couple of years on LinkedIn Pulse I’ve enjoyed reading the thought leadership posted by LinkedIn members. I’ve also gained a wonderful community of followers and am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion on this platform.

As we enter 2016, I’d like to share a review of my top 5 posts that have resonated with readers and hope that they will continue to inspire those who are in career transition.  Here they are in order of views received:


1.  Will You Ever Get Another Job?  (over 200,000 views)

2.  Do You Appear Desperate By Following Up? (over 56,000 views)

3.  Never Too Old To Be Hired! (over 21,000 views)

4.  Why Doesn’t My Resume Get Me an Interview? (over 13,000 views)

5.  7 Deadly Sins of Job Hunters (over 11,000 views)

Happy reading!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful New Year and may 2016 bring us peace and unity around the world.

Jane Jackson is a Career Management Coach and Author of Navigating Career Crossroads. Discover the 7 essential steps to make a successful career transition and secure your dream job.  To position yourself as an authority in your field, Personal Branding for Career Success guides you each step of the way to project your authentic brand and become an influencer.

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