139 Daniel Rahmann – Fashion PR Director and Third Culture Kid

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Daniel Rahmann – Fashion PR Director and Third Culture Kid

As a Third Culture Kid, Daniel Rahmann discusses what it’s like to grow up in Singapore, attend United World College, an international school embracing a melting pot of cultures, and the challenges when moving to a completely different environment. While Daniel was pursuing his degree in International Relations and Marketing at the University of Southern […]

82 Tayo Rockson – Editor BrandEdU

Tayo Rockson, Third Culture kid, Diversity and Equity Thought Leader, antiracism educator

  Tayo Rockson is a Third Culture Kid – someone who has spent the formative part of his childhood years outside of his parents’ culture.  Having grown up on 4 continents and lived in Sweden, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Vietnam and the United States, Tayo considers himself a citizen of the world and he’s vowed to […]