How To Be A Great Recruiter

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As a career coach and former recruiter, my clients, who are job seekers, tell me that what they enjoy most about working with me is that they feel valued, and their skills and knowledge validated when we work together.  My number on priority is to be there for my clients and to help them to […]

103 Linda Hill – Beauty Therapy Recruitment

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Linda Hill – Beauty Therapy Recruitment

When it comes to Beauty Therapy Recruitment, look no further than Linda Hill Recruitment! Linda founded the company in 2004 and has since built a solid track record in placing talented professionals in jobs at luxury hotels, spas, salons and clinics throughout London. Linda is also an experienced and engaging keynote speaker and has been […]

92 Chris Ashmore – Audio Producer, BE Media

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Chris-Ashmore-–-Audio-Producer-BE-Media

           If you’re considering how to get into media production or international recruitment, this is the perfect podcast episode for you! Chris completed his Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Media Studies and joined Business Essentials in 1998 as a production assistant, soon becoming one of several producers.4 years later Chris left BE […]

79 Odelle Brown – Executive Director Evolve People

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Odelle Brown – Executive Director Evolve People

Odelle’s early career path was as a dancer. A star within a UK performing arts school, dance and drama were her passion. Odelle’s career path is a varied and fascinating one. From dancing to her dreams of becoming a journalist in the UK, to joining the Automotive industry, writing processes and procedures to put in […]

Is the Recruiter your Friend?

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THE RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT – FRIEND OR FOE?   Working with recruiters : Understand the best way to approach recruitment consultants, develop a mutually respectful relationship with them and the job seeking process will be smoother. Yes, it’s time consuming to research and find the right recruitment consultants to work with, deciding on the best way […]