112 Beth Powell – Digital Marketing Club

Beth Powell, Digital Marketing Club, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jane Jackson careers, Digital Marketing, Podcast

        Beth Powell is the founder of Digital Marketing Club – an SME digital marketing strategy development and coaching business and the author of Drive More Business: a five-step guide to digital marketing for auto dealers. She also runs a small online import business. Beth is an entrepreneur who created the first […]

93 Daniela Cavalletti – Branding & Marketing

Daniella Cavalletti, marketing, branding, career, career coach, Jane Jackson

          With a global career spanning 25-odd years in corporate and small business as an English/German bilingual, Daniela has a deep understanding of both, business and important cultural nuances and an in depth knowledge of branding and marketing. Her career took her from being a Fixed Income and Equity Operations Analyst […]

84 Keith Keller – Global Twitter Guru

Keith Keller, Twitter

        Keith Keller has had an fascinating career journey from early dreams to be a radio show host to becoming a musician writing and performing songs in his heavy metal, leather pants style delivering music he describes as ‘Bon Jovi singing to the Dalai Lama’ then realising that was not going to […]

74 Philippa Durant – Marketing Director

Philippa Durant, marketing, marketing director, Expedia,

          Enjoy this episode and tap into Philippa Durant’s marketing expertise as well as being inspired by her successful career journey! Where to find Philippa: LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/philippadurantmarketingleader

40 Ruben Lawrence – Head of Marketing NBC Universal

Ruben Lawrence, NBC Universal, Singapore, marketing, PR, Jane Jackson, career coach, podcast, careers, career change

               Ruben Lawrence is a Public Relations specialist and Head of Marketing and Ad Sales, Asia at NBC Universal. Based in Singapore, in this episode, Ruben shares with us his career journey, advice on how to get into Public Relations and Marketing plus how he successfully made 3 country moves […]