3 Easy Ways to Reach Your Goals in 2022

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3 Easy Ways to Reach Your Goals in 2022 2021 was an interesting year.  I personally found it a year full of challenges, and also opportunities. It was a roller coaster for many of us and highlighted the importance of connection and communication. Something that really hit home for me over the past 2 Covid […]

Your 4 Step Success Check

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The Spirit of Confidence

The Spirit of Confidence  Over the past 12 months, did you stay on track to Get Stuff Done? There have been huge challenges in all our lives but some people have managed to overcome those challenges and reach their goals.  How did they do it? And did you get closer to the goals you set […]

What’s Holding You Back? Fear Number Four

not being good enough, confidence, self doubt

The Fear of Not Being Good Enough Have you set yourself goals – to get fit, lose weight, get that new job, relax more, smile more, have fun again – and found that you let them slip within weeks?  Why is this? Is the reason is connected not simply to your genuine desire to make a change but to […]