From the Corporate Ladder to Tempus Lifestyle

As a career coach I have the privilege to work with truly inspiring individuals and it’s rewarding to be a catalyst, a support mechanism for them to achieve their dreams.   
Such an amazing young lady is Sharon Rowe, founder and Managing Director of Tempus Lifestyle.  Here is her story …



“Leaving the security of employment to explore my passions and entrepreneurial side was a huge decision I was faced with earlier this year.  I knew that I needed some drastic change in my career to feel fulfilled and reinvigorated and I was lacking balance between my career and personal lives.  This transition, should I choose to accept it, would be daunting to say the least.
I had a clear vision of my ‘ideal’ life ahead and a business idea that could enable me to work from home and more flexibly; but with no clue where to start, nor the ability or clarity to see the path ahead.  I felt that setting up my own business was inevitable – I’d thought about it for years, and wanted to embrace the opportunity and take the plunge rather than forever wonder whether it was for me.
I began my coaching relationship with Jane, starting with some basic exercises to encourage thought about my passions and motivators, consider my achievements and personal vision.  Whilst I believed in my business idea, my self-confidence was extremely low, not an ideal starting point to launching a business!  It was critical to focus on my strengths and passions, understand my development areas, and face the demons I felt were holding me back.   Jane was able to provide practical guidance, advice and ideas with a calm and positive perspective – brutally honest, always ensuring that I was outcome focused.  The discipline of task and goal-setting was the key to ensuring I stayed on track and focused whilst working between our structured sessions,  with Jane always reminding me that she was a phone-call away for interim support if needed.
The months we worked together were instrumental to getting my business, Tempus Lifestyle, up and running.  After a challenging few weeks, a lot of soul-searching and the occasional reality check, the clarity that resulted was essential and energised me to push forward to my dream of achieving better life balance.  I am now living out my passion – enabling my clients to live a more balanced life.  I work with busy professionals and the time-starved, offering them the option to buy back time – technically known as a Lifestyle Manager, or Personal Concierge.
Tempus Lifestyle
Tempus Lifestyle services are wide and varied, but most of all flexible and bespoke. From our ‘Host with the Most’ solutions, allowing clients to enjoy their family celebration or dinner party by organising and coordinating all of the elements, through to our ‘Day to Day’ services, where we take over clients’ to-do lists, running errands, gift-buying or waiting at their home for a tradesperson or delivery to arrive.  I have an active interest in the promotion of work-life balance policies within organisations, and also work with businesses to offer Tempus Lifestyle services to their employees as a tangible and practical benefit to their employees.”
I have had the pleasure of using Sharon’s services at Tempus Lifestyle and am so grateful for the time and effort Sharon saved me – she is wonderful to work with, efficient, organised and a total professional!

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