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Real life stories of success are inspiring.  I’m going to share with you, once a month, what my coaching clients have achieved in their personal and professional lives after a period of transition due to change in their lives. I hope this will motivate and encourage you to successfully reach for your goals too.
This month, my Success Story is devoted to Russell Veitch, a client I worked with in 2002 when his role was made redundant after 34 years in one organisation.  This was a daunting situation.  What were his options?  How was he going to market himself in an unfamiliar environment?  What could he do that would give him continued career and personal satisfaction?  Russell now runs btoBusiness.  Helping small businesses that deal with big businesses.  Here is his story.


Redundancy after 34 years working for a government department as my only employment did not make my CV look very attractive.  A bleak retirement was the only option that I could see until I enrolled in an outplacement programme and was introduced to Coaching.I was blessed with a great Coach in Jane Jackson who asked me the right questions at the right time, steadily guiding me through my decision making processes. Each step along this route was new and fraught with apprehension, but Jane was always there with the appropriate reassurance and steadying hand.
Through coaching, a whole new world opened up to me and I quickly mastered networking, interviews and found myself gaining one off assignments, part time jobs and ultimately forming my own business.  At the same time I ventured into public speaking and presentation of academic papers at conferences locally and internationally. 
Russell Veitch career change
Russell Veitch – The Quality Guru – Presenting in New Zealand on The Future of Quality
Jane helped me discover and understand what was really important to me.  “Working and helping people in doing things that make an important contribution.” What astounded me was that financial returns, which were not high on my agenda, followed with little effort.
My business “btoBusiness” blossomed. We help small business that work with large businesses in accreditation, tendering, compliance and business improvement. You can meet us at btoBusiness  
More recently I have applied the skills I gained from coaching to the wider realm of my whole of life.  In my Life Manual called “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”, I have endeavoured to capture the attributes of life that will lead to these outcomes, how I go about achieving them and how I measure my progress. 

This might be considered a business plan for the rest of my exciting life.

Russell Veitch

Mobile:    0414 874 801

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