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Sarah James is a change management specialist.  Organisations need effective talent development and effective change management strategies.  How do you develop leaders who are agile and responsive to the inevitable changes in the world of work today?

Sarah James has been helping organisations identify and develop talent for over 25 years across three countries and a range of organisations and industries. As a Change Management Specialist with Changeworks, her work focuses on creating effective talent strategies and detailed talent management process design, to support busy managers and leaders get the best from their teams.  

Most recently Sarah led the Talent Development team at the Reserve Bank of Australia and designed a new talent management framework; delivered the inaugural Executive Leadership Development program and a suite of learning programs targeting to all managers; built out their diversity and inclusion agenda, implemented new HR systems and managed the day to day talent processes such as performance management, talent management, succession planning, learning and development and post graduate awards.

Sarah and I met at the Reserve Bank a number of years ago, where I delivered over 20 Career Development Journey workshops to empower leaders to take control of their careers. I was always impressed by the care Sarah always displayed when leading her team, and now it’s my pleasure to interview her about her Career Journey on YOUR CAREER Podcast.

Sarah has made a number of fascinating transitions in her career, having worked in the Airline industry, Legal, Petroleum, IT, Media, Banking and also the Public Sector and into Consulting.  In her very early days she was based in Germany with British Airways where she headed up their cabin crew training.

Sarah’s strengths include authenticity, creativity and a deep understanding of others. She has presented and facilitated across countries, industries and all stakeholder groups – from the newest recruits to the executive.

In this podcast episode, Sarah and I discuss how she successfully carved her career path across the globe, and now, as a change management specialist, she is well placed to help individuals and organisations to navigate organisational change.

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