You need someone to take charge of a critical function of your business.  You’ve screened dozens of resumes and based on qualifications and experience you have selected two candidates to interview.  If you were the hiring manager in your company, which one would you assume to be the better fit?
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"People judge based upon first impressions and assume that 'What you see is what you get.' In fact, your image is nine-tenths of success. A potential client will determine whether to connect with you in less than one minute."  

If you work in a financial services organization and seeking someone to represent your company to clients then the man in the suit might be your preference.  If you work in software development or a creative agency and seeking someone with innovative flair, willing to challenge the norm, then the man on the right might appear to be a better ‘fit.’  (Both photos, by the way, are of the same gentleman!)

So often clients ask me what they should wear to an interview.  There is no hard and fast rule; it depends on the role you hope to secure, the organisation’s culture and the image it’s employees should project to the public.  Do your research before you turn up in your twin set and pearls, funky lace up boots or three piece suit.  For men, tie or no tie?  For women, skirt or pants?  There are many choices to make! 

The key is to understand your audience and the position, then take pains to dress appropriately so that, from first impressions, it looks like you would be a good fit.  You only have one chance to make that first impression!  Remember to consider all aspects of your image, it’s not just the visual that creates an impact. 


You must understand your HIDDEN IMAGE, your ASSUMED IMAGE, your VISUAL IMAGE, your EXPERIENCED IMAGE and your PROVEN IMAGE over time.  Find out about my Polish Your Professional Image workshop


Seven Steps to Looking Good and Feeling Great in Any Situation: 

1.      Flattering Styles and Colours for your body shape, age, colouring and personality.  Styles that reflect 2010 or a classic style. 

2.      Appropriate dress (including lengths and necklines), make-up, hair and behaviour for your age, the occasion, the location and the people present. 

3.      Know the Image you want to project.  What impression or words do you want others to use when they think, speak about you?  What do you have to do to reach your goal for this meeting?

4.      Great Grooming.  Clean hair and clothes, clothes in good repair, flattering make-up and hairstyle. 

5.      Positive Body Language.  Facial expressions and eye contact – warm and friendly.  Confident posture and movements. 

6.      Engaging Personality.  Genuinely interested in others (actively listen), warm, friendly, respectful, caring, positive and enthusiastic.

7.      Good Conversationalist.  Intelligent all-round conversationalist.  Interested in what others have to say, ask open questions to get others engaged.

What else do you think needs to be considered when putting together an appropriate image for any given situation?

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