Honoured to be interviewed on “Should I Start a Podcast with Ronsley Vaz” about my podcast journey.

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“Should I Start a Podcast with Ronsley Vaz” is a podcast that features professionals who are offering advice, insights and opinions on a range of topics in their professional expertise.  In this episode Ronsley finds out why I started my podcast and the challenges I experienced along the way.

Over the past 15 years Jane Jackson coached over 1,000 professionals across Australia and Asia to confidently make successful career choices by identifying their true passion and direction.

Jane has worked in industries including travel, health & fitness, public relations, education and human resources in Hong Kong, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Sydney.  Jane draws upon over 30 years of experience and relates to those who are young graduates and entering the workforce for the first time, to those experiencing a career crisis and also those considering a transition to active retirement.

Her mission is to reach as many people who need guidance as possible and to that end offers support in many ways through her Careers Podcast.

In this episode we talk about:

Jane Jackson podcasting journey

Launching Jane first podcast

Jane fascinated about people and careers

Turning point of Jane Jackson

Follow Jane on Twitter @janecareercoach

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