Are you too old to be hired?

Are you too old to be hired?

Do you ever wonder if you’re too old to land another job?  Or that your age is a barrier to what you really want to do?

Now, those of you who already know me will know I get on my high horse about ageism in the workplace and how I believe we are NEVER TOO OLD to reinvent our careers. Yes, that’s right – we are NEVER TOO OLD to be the person we were born to be.

You’ll also know that I help professionals to embrace their ability regardless of age (yes, it’s not just the over 50’s who are concerned about ageism, just this week I spoke with a client who is concerned about being 41 and feeling ‘too old’!)

I recently delivered a webinar for over 55’s for 55/Redefined and upon following them on their social channels was inspired by one of their posts about Colleen Heidemann, who is now 73 and started modelling at the age of 69.

She is absolutely stunning, full of energy and I want to be like her when I grow up (just for the record I’m 63 and have no intention of slowing down for a long time yet!) 

The link to their post on Instagram that captured my attention and excitement is in my shownotes at … you see Colleen Heidemann in action and you’ll see she’s wearing a t-shirt with the slogan: OLD IS THE NEW BLACK!

old is the new black, are you too old to be hired?, never too old, Colleen Heidemann
Old is the New Black!

Of course I had to go and buy myself the t-shirt, “Old is the New Black” too.  And you know what? I love it (but my husband didn’t understand what it meant when I first put it on … )

Jane Jackson, never too old, old is the new black, career coach, mature age worker, embracing age, over 50

As my dear friend and author of ‘Ageing Fearlessly’  Karen Sander says, “Ageing is inevitable but GROWING OLD is a choice’. So I’d like to know how do YOU define ‘too old’?

In fact, I’d like to ask you, “Too old for what?”

For instance, if you’re over 30, over 40, over 50, over 60, over 70 are you too old to:

Be heard?

Be loved?

Be appreciated?

To contribute your years of experience and knowledge to benefit someone who’s problems you can help to solve?

To be considered as an individual rather than an age-bracket?

Are you too old to learn something new?

Or to try something different?


Unfortunately, according to a 2021 report by the Australian Human Rights Commission, age discrimination remains a significant issue in the workplace, affecting both job seekers and employees.

Here are some statistics on ageism in the workplace in Australia:

and this one surprised me:

Despite being a protected attribute under Australian law, only 56% of workers are aware that age discrimination is illegal.

So how can we overcome ageism in the workplace? Here are some strategies:

To overcome ageism it requires a collective effort from employers, employees, and society as a whole.

I’d like to ask you: How are you helping to promote a culture of inclusivity and respect for all generations?

What else can we do to create a more equitable and age-diverse workplace?

Let’s keep the conversation going and I’d love you to send me a message on LinkedIn or share a post of you in action showing your energy and enthusiasm regardless of age and tag me so I know!

Psssst … here’s a little known secret … at the ripe age of 40 I choreographed and performed in a musical about the final days of Bugis Street in Singapore. We opened at Raffles Hotel and received standing ovations each night (and rather scathing reviews from the critics!) and it was SO MUCH FUN!

My dancers were all in their late teens and twenties and we all had the best time together. That’s just to highlight that we are NEVER TOO OLD!  And if every generation embraced what other generations add to their life experience. Just for fun, here’s the link to a brief snippet of our Finalé  on YouTube!

Jane Jackson – Chameleon Choreography – Dancers – Raffles – Jubilee Hall

Until next time … stay happy, healthy and keep an open mind!

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