So, you want to get into Human Resources? Well, there’s HR and there’s HR! Have you felt a bit confused about what aspect of HR you’re most interested in?

From HR Administration to workforce systems, to HR projects, people services, health and wellbeing, talent acquision, diversity and inclusion, change management and more, there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into.  But where do you start?

Maeghan Lee is a human resources specialist who has done just about all of what’s mentioned above, and we have a chat about what it takes to build a successful career in HR, and her career journey. We also find out about her early career as she started out as a qualified nurse, and how Maeghan’s caring nature made it natural for her to transition into human resources to develop the capability of others within organisations.

As a customer centric HR professional with a strong commitment to customer service, and a wiz at building strong relationships with people from all backgrounds, Maeghan loves human resources and how HR partners with businesses to ensure employee engagement and, as a result, create a profitable business.

Truly inclusive in her approach, Maeghan has held responsibilities in recruitment and selection, project management, employee engagement, learning and development as well as organisational change, WHS and work cover.  She certainly has a powerful grasp of the value of HR in today’s workplace.

From implementing an organisational restructure to an agile methodology, leveraging her affinity for technology using a variety of IT programs, including pageup, payglobal, Chris21 and Sharepoint ,and her love of learning new programs, Maeghan thrives on project work delivering essential HR services.

Listen to this episode and find out if a career in HR is for you!



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