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My recent article in Yours Magazine published by Bauer Media in Australia
“Need to earn extra cash in a hurry? Looking for a new job can be stressful and time-consuming at the best of times, and for many 50-plus Australians it can seem as though the odds are stacked even higher.
But it doesn’t have to be this way if you know where to look, career management coach Jane Jackson says.  There are plenty of opportunities to earn money in jobs that require no special skills.
‘If you’re not looking for that dream job, or even a full-time role, applying for these jobs will help you get hired faster and start earning extra cash,’ she says.  Here’s how to find a job today so you can start tomorrow.”
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Certain times of the year can be better than others for finding a job.  For instance, there tends to be more vacancies in the lead-up to Christmas, especially in retail. ‘Seasonal work is a good option because that’s when many people want to take time off so those roles need to be filled,’ Jane explains.  Obviously, if you need to find a position straightaway you won’t have the luxury of waiting for those roles to pop up.
‘If you know about a major even that’s coming up in your area, such an an expo or a conference, you should keep an eye out to see if they need any additional people,’ Jane says.
The best way is to take advantage of those opportunities is to speak with the event organiser. ‘Normally, all big events are handled by event companies. Contact them directly and ask to speak to the person in charge to see how you might be able to assist,’ Jane says.
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