I met Cayla Dengate on LinkedIn in 2020 when I was named one of the LinkedIn Top Voices 2020 in Australia, and was invited to join LinkedIn’s #BigIdeas2021 project. Speaking with Cayla made me realise that this talented lady has a wonderful career story to tell!

When Cayla told me that her early career aspirations were to be a herpetologist [a scientist who works with reptiles] I was surprised. Her father is a biologist and naturalist, so it did make sense. However, Cayla is a natural storyteller and working on her own in a laboratory would not have been the best use of her her natural talents as a journalist and talented storyteller.

Fast forward a number of years and Cayla was the youngest reporter at The Canberra Times, lectured in Journalism at Bicol University in the Philippines for a year, created a music video website, joined News Corp as a journalist and then producer before transitioning into her role as Associate Editor at HuffPost Australia.

In 2018 Cayla joined LinkedIn Australia where she is keeping the largest group of professionals ever assembled up to speed on the news they need to know. [Read Cayla’s LinkedIn Newsletter Get Hired Australia, the newsletter to help you land your next job.]

Cayla has also spent over 1 year a Curator and Assistance Manager at Warmun Art Centre in Western Australia, learning much about the beautiful Gija aboriginal culture and creating a global media strategy for the launch of artist Lena Nyadbi’s 700sqm art installation at the base of the Eiffel Tower, resulting in 100+ mentions in Australian media outlets as well as the New York Times, The Guardian and Al Jazeera.

Enjoy Cayla Dengate’s fascinating career journey and learn about LinkedIn along the way too!

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