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What’s Holding You Back? Fear Number Three

What’s Holding You Back? Fear Number Three success, jane jackson, careers, fear

The Fear of Success This is a curious concept.  Have you thought that what might be holding you back from achieving what you hope for is … the possibility, or even probability, of success? How ridiculous, you may be thinking, what would make me fear Success when Success is what I want? First of all, […]

Where’s The Motivation?

Where’s The Motivation? mature age, old worker, too old, get a job

What’s going on?  You were so enthusiastic just a few days ago.  Now you just can’t get moving to get what you really, really want?  What happened? We all know that enthusiasm is all well and good, however something sometimes slips, becomes displaced and those old procrastination demons get you.  Something else seems to take […]

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