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I recently read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald and was intrigued by the story featuring Shivani Gopal who has started a movement called The Remarkable Woman. I found her story so fascinating that I was compelled to contact her for an interview. This episode is an exciting one, especially for women!
Shivani Gopal is an Australian Business Woman and Entrepreneur, who is leading the charge for female business networking events with her new social enterprise, The Remarkable Woman, which is guaranteed to shake up the way in which women connect and empower themselves and one another.
Shivani sees The Remarkable Woman as an evolution of women’s networking business, by taking the extra step to provide the necessary support to ensure its members are truly in the drivers’ seat steering their life towards their desired destination.
After many years struggling for equality as a female within the male-dominated Financial Services Industry, Shivani was accustomed to facing discrimination because of her gender, and because of her cultural background as a Fiji-born Indian Australian.
Shivani’s fire to inspire women was ignited several times throughout her career with several unfortunate incidents highlighting the need for mentoring and empowerment for women in the workplace.
She says she was born into a culture where the norm for women is to study, get married and have babies and pursuing a career and choosing to put motherhood on hold was not encouraged.
Let’s find out about Shivani’s career journey and how The Remarkable Woman is empowering women to become all they are meant to be!

Where to find Shivani:


Facebook:  @theremarkablewoman

Twitter: @beremarkable_au

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