Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Daniela Cavalletti – Branding & Marketing


With a global career spanning 25-odd years in corporate and small business as an English/German bilingual, Daniela has a deep understanding of both, business and important cultural nuances and an in depth knowledge of branding and marketing.
Her career took her from being a Fixed Income and Equity Operations Analyst at Goldman Sachs in Frankfurt to Morgan Stanley in London in the 1990’s to Marketing Manager at Hatchette Book Publishing and on to Sydney and International Marketing and Communications Manager at Pengana Capital and more … Fast forward a few more years and Daniela is Cavalletti Communications!
A bookworm since the tender age of three, Daniela feels lucky to have spent most of her life as a creative content and communications addict who makes words work and captivates people through the power of storytelling.
Daniela shares her fascinating career journey and explains how to successfully market your business by understanding how to create valuable content:
  1. Understand your target market
  2. Provide content with real value to your target
  3. Be authentic to show who you are and what you represent
Listen on and find out her top 3 tips for entrepreneurial success too!


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