Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Brian Basilico – The Bacon System


I am delighted to welcome Brian Basilico, author of The Bacon System, back on my show. I featured Brian back in April this year on Episode 73 of my podcast and we talked about his amazing career journey. Brian’s story was so fascinating that I’m delighted to have him back to talk about his brand new book, The Bacon System – Sizzlin’ Hot Recipes That Grow Your Business.
In this episode, Brian shares WHY his is an author and shares his valuable tips on HOW to become an author as well as WHAT The Bacon System is all about. Brian tells us the 3 essential components to successfully grow your business.

Brian is offering over US$3,500 worth of free downloads when you buy his new book! Be sure to watch out for the launch of The Bacon System on 1st July 2016!

Where to find Brian:


Twitter @bbasilico

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