Your Career with Jane Jackson, Odelle Brown – Executive Director Evolve People


Odelle’s early career path was as a dancer. A star within a UK performing arts school, dance and drama were her passion. Odelle’s career path is a varied and fascinating one. From dancing to her dreams of becoming a journalist in the UK, to joining the Automotive industry, writing processes and procedures to put in an ISO 9001 system for a company that manufactured windscreen wipers, her career path has been eclectic! She also has a passion for cars, loved car shows and fast cars … at the age of 22 set up her first business manufacturing windscreen wipers starting in a garage in her back garden! From this young age, tenacious Odelle was able to make a success of her business in a highly male dominated industry.
She ran this business for 8 years before making the move to Australia. With her incredible flair for sales and developing strong working relationships and connections, in Sydney Odelle secured a role as a recruitment consultant as an interim measure while travelling around the country. Able to make a success out of everything she touches, Odelle has grown Evolve People into the valuable business it is today within a very competitive industry.
Listen to her success story and her top tips for success!

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Twitter: @evolvepeople

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