SteveO Show interview – Navigating Career Crossroads

I really enjoyed my interview on The SteveO Show discussing my new book, Navigating Career Crossroads – How to Thrive when Changing Direction!  We chatted about what we need to do to make a successful career transition, what holds people back when it comes to progressing in their career, and how to build self confidence and clarity to make a successful career change. 
Follow the 7 Steps CAREERS Program to secure the job of your dreams.  Here are the 7 essential steps for success:


1   Confidently manage change

2  Assess what makes you tick

3  Resumes and marketing communications

4  Express your professional image and personal brand

5  Explore all the job search strategies

6  Relate your value at interviews

7  Success strategies for career success (including negotiation skills and on-boarding into the new role)


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Listen to The SteveO Show on FM99.3 Northside Radio, Sydney!

Click here to listen to all of his interviews with dozens of personalities and musicians from Suzy Quatro to Dr. Hook, Bill Oddie OBE to David Meyer, Bee Gees American Rock biographer!

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